Self-care promotes success
Anything is possible
Excellence is a choice made daily
Results by accountability and community

Overcome the Unknown...
Thrive vs Survive...
Transform your Mindset...

The Fix RX foundation is built on the belief that excellence is a choice and all goodness in this life begins with self-care. Our mission is to positively impact each and every life we touch in a mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional manner.

We understand challenges, we understand what it takes to shift them, and we live by the mantra that our services are either EXCELLENT or they are NOT…


Fitness Room | Best Chiropractor | Self Care

& Body Work

The Fix RX staff is certified, experienced, and continually educated in the art of pain management, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Medical Practice

The Fix RX medical practice solutions provides turnkey medical billing and advisory services via a best in class process and procedure methodology.

Functional Medicine

TheFixRx is partnered with Metagenics in medical
grade supplements.

What's Your Fix ?

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